Ultimate Easy Coat Extra 250ml

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Fireball Easy Coat Extra is arguably the best value and easiest to apply SiO2 sealant available on the market. This product is an ultra concentrated spray on, rinse off sealant with a high SiO2 silica content to promote extreme water beading, extreme shine and extreme self-cleaning effects.

For those of you who have used Hydrophobic Shampoo or Foam before you'll know the sort of water beads we're talking about - tight, well formed beads that run off the paint with ease.

Easy Coat Extra is dilutable both in a spray bottle or foam lance to the concentration of 1:30. This means this 250ml bottle will make 7.5L of usable sealant! Under normal conditions this will coat 50+ cars with a longevity of around 4-8 weeks. Safe for use on all exterior surfaces including paint, glass, trims, wheels etc...

Simply get a empty 500ml bottle and add 16ml of Easy Coat Extra and fill up the bottle with water.

3 Different Ways Of Using Fireball Ultimate Easy Coat Extra.

Method 1. Spray when the surface is wet and rinse off.

Method 2. Spray on the dry surface and buff off. (Panel by Panel)

Method 3. Using it with a foam lance. Spray and rinse off.

Note: Due to the high amount of silica in this product we recommend rinsing our triggers and foam lances with clean water after using. Doing this will help to stop the silica from hardening and clogging up your trigger or lance.