Ultimate Interior Cleaner 500ml

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Say No More To Dirty Leather & Plastic !

Fireball Ultimate Interior Cleaner will be your best choice to clean and remove stains on Leather Seats and Plastic. It has a powerful formula and yet gentle enough to be used on most interior surfaces. This formula is unique in that you can apply a spray or two onto the Fireball All Propose Pad and work the product into the surface then wipe clean with a fresh mirco fiber towel to leave the surface spotless.

Best of all it comes with a FREE Fireball All Purpose Pad

Features & Benefits:

  • Safely deep clean all leather and interior plastic
  • No dyes and maintains original factory sheen and colour
  • Easy to use and no rinse required
  • Effective on tough stains
  • Gentle lift up dirt and remove body oil on leather

Note: After cleaning with Ultimate Interior Cleaner do allow your leather surfaces to dry thoroughly than protect it with Fireball Ultimate Leather Wax for low-gloss, dry, and rich finish that provides UV protection.