Ultimate Nano Coat 250ml

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Fireball Ultimate Nano Coat is very easy to apply, has high levels of beading and sheeting, its super hydrophobic and gives a high gloss finish. 

  • Will generally last 3 to 6 months as an effective hydrophobic nano coating.
  • Application is easy just spray, spread, leave for a minute and buff away the residue and your done! (needs to be left 24 hours to fully cure).
  • High quality nano technology coating comparable to other similar South Korean hard coatings.
  • Supplied with sprayer.
  • Cures fully after 24 hours

*Please ensure surface is clean before application. We recommended to apply panel by panel.


Shake Ultimate Nano Coat thoroughly before use (for at least 10-20 seconds). Using the provided 'witches cap' apply a small line of product to either a Fireball Applicator or Fireball Suede Cloth. Spread the product thoroughly across the surface; working one panel at a time. If you feel as though the product is 'tacking' on application use a bit more. If you feel as though it's hard to remove, use less. After applying one section wait for up to 1 minute before buffing off excess product with a clean microfibre towel. Repeat on all panels until complete. We recommend giving the entire vehicle one final buff with a clean microfibre after application to remove any high spots.

Note: If you are uncertain about the application of this product. Please do not purchase as it might ruin your paintwork surfaces. 

Please contact us @ fireballsingapore@outlook.com