Product Applications

How to use Fireball Products.

Product - Premium Easy Coat

1. Wash your car with Premium Car Shampoo

2. Rinse off Premium Car Shampoo (Do not dry our car)

3. Spray Premium Easy Coat on the wet surface (With Trigger Nozzle Provided)

4. Rinse off Premium Easy Coat with pressure washer or hose with pressure.

5. Dry with Fireball Twisted Drying Towel

Simply maintain the Shine and Hydrophobic effect with Ultimate Coating Wax

*Premium Easy Coat only work when the car is wet. We also recommend you to clay your car once in awhile.

Product - Ultimate Coating Wax

1. Wash your car with Premium Car Shampoo

2. Rinse off Premium Car Shampoo

3. Dry with Fireball Twisted Drying Towel

4. Simply spray Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax and buff off the residue away with Black Fox All Propose Towel.

 *Fireball Ultimate Coating Wax is a Silica based spray sealant, which contains more than 5% SIO2 (Silica). It can be used as a stand alone product (Quick Detailer) or in conjunction with extending the life of your existing coating.


Product - Ultimate Iron Burn Standard & Extra

Simply spray Ultimate Iron Burn with trigger nozzle provided on your wheel and let it bleed. Lastly simply rinse it off with water.

*For better cleaning effect we recommend using pressure washer.


Product - Ultimate Tire Coating Wax

1. Clean your tires with Premium Car Shampoo/Active Snow Foam during snow wash together with a Tires Brush.

2. Wipe down your tires dry.

3. Apply Ultimate Tire Coating Wax with Provided Trigger Nozzle and Foam Applicator Pad. (Go 2 layers for extra shine)

*Our Ultimate Tire Coating Wax has Hydrophobic qualities which offer superb water repellence and a stunning finish which last weeks not days. It also work well on plastic trim.