Fireball Tire 500ml (Si02 Satin)

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Tire Wax product is an Si02 and oil-based product, providing a glowing , durable and contamination prevention result with maximum water repellency. The highly-enriched tire wax maximizes a new-look and smooth finish.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tire Satin Finish
  • 70-90% Si02
  • Durable Tire Dressing
  • Hydrophobic Properties
  • Repels dirty water, keeping tyres looking cleaner for longer
  • Supplied with FREE tire pad

Directions for use:

  • Spray moderate amount of product on a tire pad.
  • Apply evenly with tire pad or applicator
  • In case of applying too much, wipe off partially with tire applicator or apply on other tires.

Note: Let tire wax dry/set completely before driving to eliminate product slinging off tires.