Fireball Angel Tears 30ml

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Finally a coating for everyone. Fireball Angel Tears is very easy to apply, has high levels of slickness , super hydrophobic and gives an extreme high gloss finish. 

  • Will generally last 12 months as an effective hydrophobic nano coating.
  • Super user friendly application
  • High quality nano technology coating
  • Supplied with coating applicator
  • Cures fully after 24 hours

*Please ensure surface is clean with Fireball Reborn before application. We recommended to apply panel by panel.


Turn the bottle upside down and shake Angel Tears thoroughly before use (for at least 5-10 seconds). Open the cap and apply enough coating onto the applicator provided. 

Spread the product thoroughly across the surfure, working half a panel at a time. If you feel as though the product is 'tacking' on application apply a bit more coating on the applicator and continue the application.

Once apply

Ready to buff off once it become small little water droplets

Buff off excess product with a clean microfibre towel. We recommend giving the entire vehicle one final buff with a clean microfibre after application to remove any high spots.

Note: If you are uncertain about the application of this product. Please do not purchase as it might ruin your paintwork surfaces. 

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