Fireball Fusion Wax

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Fusion Wax is made as a show wax and demonstrates high-end super hydrophobic water behaviour and paint surface protection, Fusion Wax is made with Brazil T1 Carnauba and SiO2 and we combine mainly these 2 raw materials with other appropriate products in the mixture. Fusion Wax will show super hydrophobic water behaviours after 2 hours and demonstrate a surface wet-look after about 6 hours. 

  • Very limited numbers globally.
  • 150ml


On a clean, dry and degreased surface, using the applicator included in the kit,circular movements should be applied very thin layer of wax. After about 10-15 minutes wipe off the excess with a soft microfibre, and then polished to achieve a satisfactory result with a clean and soft microfibre. Hardening of the wax on the treated surface takes about 6 hours, in addition if possible leave 24 hours after application, we recommend leaving the vehicle in a room where there will be no expose to the sun or contact with water.