Fireball Ghost Wax

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Ghosts Wax is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to achieve a deep and brilliant shine. Thanks to its advanced super hydrophobic ceramic polymers, raindrops roll right off your car giving you the ultimate durability. While also producing deep reflections and increased beading and sheeting properties that makes this product ideal in any situation. Ghost Wax is a hard paste wax that uses just one layer to enhance any color paint, while adding contrast. If you're looking for supreme quality then there's no match when using Ghost Wax.
  • Very limited numbers globally.
  • 150ml


On a clean, dry and degreased surface, using the applicator included in the kit,circular movements should be applied very thin layer of wax. After about 10-15 minutes wipe off the excess with a soft microfibre, and then polished to achieve a satisfactory result with a clean and soft microfibre. Hardening of the wax on the treated surface takes about 6 hours, in addition if possible leave 24 hours after application, we recommend leaving the vehicle in a room where there will be no expose to the sun or contact with water.