Fireball Shampoo 500ml (Pearl) pH Neutral

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Fireball Pearl Shampoo is a highly concentrated pH Neutral car shampoo with a wax safe feature, that provides a rich foam & excellent lubrication. This product also removes pollutants on coating quickly and easily without damage paintwork or coating. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful Cleaning Power
  • Highly Concentrated 1:1000
  • pH Neutral 7
  • Rich Foaming
  • Coating & Wax Safe
  • Excellent Lubrication Effect

Directions for use:

  • Rinse the car thoroughly with water.
  • Dilute highly concentrated shampoo with water at 1:1000 ratio

(Example : use 10ml per 10L of water or 15ml per 15L for Fireball Wash Bucket)

  • Pour the shampoo into the Fireball Wash Bucket to the correct dilution ratio. Make bubbles with high-pressure water or hose, then wash with pad or mitt to clean the car, Do not let shampoo dry on the surface before rinsing.
  • After washing rinse with high-pressure water then dry with a drying towel.