Fireball Snow Foam (pH Neutral)

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Fireball Snow Foam is a pH Neutral Foam, specially designed to provide a thick and smooth foam that adheres to the car surfaces properly. It removes pollutants easily without damage, with a powerful cleaning effect.

Features & Benefits:

  • pH Neutral - will not strips off wax or etch paint finishes
  • Non-contact, pre-wash cleaner
  • Wax & Coating friendly
  • Helps prevent accidental swirl marks in paintwork
  • Thick foam lifts larger particles of dirt & grit away from the surface
  • Strong Cleaning Power

Directions for use:

  • You may dilute solution with water up to a 1:30 ratio in a foam lance.

(Example : use 33ml For 1000ml Foam Lance)

  • For a car with low contamination levels, spray the foam and wash off after 3-5 minutes.

Note: If you have to use under direct sunlight, raise the ratio of water used with the product and if needed. Spray additional water onto the car to keep the snow foam from drying , prior to rinsing.