Fireball Tar Remover 500ml

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Non-Contact Adhesive Remover

Road tar, tree sap, bug residue and bird droppings all stick to paintwork with potentially damaging effects. Scrubbing at the paintwork in an effort to remove them will invariably cause scratches and swirls in the lacquer, which may require machine polishing to remove.

Fireball Tar Remover is a spray-on solution that dissolves stubborn contamination eliminating the requirement for vigorous scrubbing at the paintwork with a wash mitt.

Features & Benefits:

  • Spray on solution dissolves sticky contamination
  • Removes tar, bug squash, bird droppings & tree sap
  • Wipes away to reveal smooth, decontaminated surface
  • Safe for use on metal, painted, plastic & glass surfaces
  • Supplied with trigger spray head

Directions for use:

  • Spray onto the surface
  • Allow to dwell for around 30 seconds
  • Wipes away easily without the need for scrubbing which may damage paintwork.

Pro Tip : The LAST THING you should do with bird droppings or dried residue is to try and "Rub it off" - that is a sure fire way to scratch your beautiful paintwork. Spray the Ultimate Tar Remover on, let it soak in for a few seconds and simply wipe it off.