Fireball Water Spot 500ml

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Fireball Water Spot is for removing water spots (water scale and dry water stain) that are difficult to remove from a car's surface, without damaging the surfaces. This product is easy to use. Use the product repeatedly for a powerful cleaning effect without need for polishing.

Directions for use:

  • Shake well before using the product.
  • Spray evenly on a microfiber towel and lightly buff the area with water scale and contaminant.
  • Do not leave the product dry on the surfaces.
  • Wiping once wont remove water spot. The product must be wiped over repeatedly with the product on a clean microfiber towel 

Note: This product may remove sealants and coatings depending on the products previously applied.

When using this product, make sure that any overspray is removed immediately and not allowed to dry onto any surfaces, including glasses.