Fireball Wax Off 500ml

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Wax off is a pre-treatment product that removes various oil films and contaminants remaining on the surfaces before waxing , applying sealants and glass film works. The degreasing agent's fine particles remove contaminants without damaging the surfaces maximizing result for waxes, sealants and glass film work.

Directions for use:

  • Shake well before using the products 
  • Wash the car first with shampoo. Rinse but not dry the surface. Squeeze moderate amount on applicator or sponge and apply to wet surfaces.
  • Spread on the surfaces with moderate pressure.
  • Use high pressure water to rinse off all the residue than re-wash the car with shampoo to ensure remaining of the product is completely removed.

Note: When using this product ,wear gloves to protect the skin